InCommercial Hires New President, Capital Markets

Leading real estate company InCommercial Property Group announced that James G. Shaw has joined the firm as President of Capital Markets.


With over 40 years of experience, Jim is a respected authority in the industry. To date Jim has been involved with the acquisition, financing, management, disposition, and brokerage of investment real estate properties with an aggregate value of more than $4.5 billion on behalf of both institutional/corporate and individual investors.

In his new role, he will focus on designing and implementing capital market strategy as well as managing and expanding key industry relationships, strategic partners, clients, investors, and the development of new offering products.

Jim is a proud recipient of the 2007 ACE Award (Registered Rep) from TICA (the predecessor to ADISA) for excellence in professional performance and ethics.

Welcome aboard Jim!

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Company Pool Party Come Rain or Shine

The rain didn’t stop the InCommercial team from having a day filled with fun, food, libations, good conversation, swimming, Irish jigs, pickle ball and lots of laughs!  InCommercial CEO, Erik Conrad, and his family graciously hosted a company pool party for the whole staff and their families. The bar was overflowing with refreshments of all types including the “punch” which was a crowd pleaser. Poochie’s was served for lunch and included delicious grilled burgers, veggie burgers, polish sausages and incredible cheddar fries. The pool was filled with kids laughing, splashing, and enjoying the day (rain or shine). The highlight of the party was being able to meet and spend time with all the team members outside of the office, especially those who flew or drove in from out of town! Many laughs and great conversations where had by all. Thank you, Conrad family, for hosting a wonderful company get together!

Observations from a CEO on Fatherhood & Success

With the InCommercial family growing along with the families of several employees, I was asked to share some advice on fatherhood – the implied bias being that with five kids, I’m clearly an expert as many reality tv shows clearly demonstrate.

I don’t want to give any advice – and before half of you scoff – I try not to ever give advice, but I do like to tell stories and make observations, which I hope is more palatable.  And so, I have two observations about fatherhood that I think are universal –

First, being a father is a defining feature of my identity and the lens through which most of the world sees me, and yet, the only real criterion for success is being present.  Countless barrels of ink have been spilled on the pressures on mothers to do and be everything while for fathers – showing up is enough, full stop – super dad.  It may be naïve, but I think that lesson applies much more universally – showing up is way more than half the battle most of the time, if you can do it day in and day out, good days, bad days, purple daze – when we make someone or something else the priority, we succeed.

We accept the bad days because without them, there wouldn’t be good days and we keep coming back for more, unconditionally.

Secondly, everything is a phase.  The good times, bad times, tantrums, food likes, dislikes, learning to ride a bike, baseball, soccer, pink, blue, mustard, ketchup, hormones, sweetness… it’s all a phase and no matter how challenging or rewarding it may be at the time, it’s like Chicago weather – just give it time and it’ll change.

So happy Father’s Day to the InCommercial dad’s and all the dad’s out there  – keep calm and carry on!

–  Erik Conrad, Founder & CEO

Takeaways from GlobeSt. Net Lease Conference

GlobeSt. NET Lease Conference
NYC – April 5th, 2022 

InCommercial represented at the Spring ’22 Conference.
Connections made.  Hands shook.  Babies kissed.  The music will not stop in 2022. 


While the current STNL marketplace faces fresh headwinds, the prevailing consensus is excess investor demand will assist in offsetting continued monetary and geopolitical shocks.   

With that said, with market fundamentals softening, transactions are beginning to be affected with Brokers reportedly experiencing escrows falling out-of-contract at approximately 3x their normal rate. 

ATTENTION SELLERS/BROKERS – InCommercial stands ready to offer a high probability close with a professional counterparty as Buyer performance rates drop and threaten your on-going and future transactions.


International Women’s Day Interviews

In the spirit of International Women’s Day at InCommercial Property Group, we have asked what the day means to some of our female leaders in the commercial real estate industry, advice they’d give, barriers overcome, and who inspires them. On this day, we acknowledge the individuals, groups, and organizations that have come together to advocate for women’s empowerment. Together, we reflect and discuss what International Women’s Day means to each of us.


Tiffany Fraley, COO

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
It is a celebration of women’s achievements and an acknowledgement of the strides we have made economically, politically, socially, but also a reminder that we still have a lot of ground to make up as long as inequality, especially for women, exists in the world.

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?
The real estate industry is very male driven which makes sense because women didn’t gain the right to own property until the 19th century and even then, we couldn’t afford it because we couldn’t take out lines of credit until the 20th century. These types of barriers take time plus an effort and a struggle that I’ll probably never face, along with change and acceptance. As a Caucasian woman in America, I know that the barriers I face are far different than women of color and other nationalities. I am able to overcome most barriers because I have the choice and the opportunity to overcome them. For instance, I was allowed to go to college and graduate school which for some is a huge barrier due to culture or economics.

How do you help to empower women or encourage others to pursue leadership roles in their career?
I think one of the biggest ways I empower and encourage women is to really listen to what they want, write it down and then work out a measurable plan to accomplish it.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career?
The same advice I’d give to someone starting out in their dating life, try a lot of different ones and don’t settle, ha!  With each job, you’ll find out more about yourself, what you like, where you can improve and you’ll be that much better and prepared for the next role.

Is there someone that has empowered you or a strong woman that inspires you (professional or personally)?
I don’t give her enough credit, but my mom always supported my endeavors and never held me back…even when that meant moving out of my home state, Tennessee. She’s a very brave, kind and generous lady who likes to cuss a little and drink miller lite.  She taught me to have thick(ish) skin, work hard and to love animals. At my core, I know that she is the reason that I am who I am.


Claudia Sapir, Senior Transaction Coordinator

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
A day that recognized all women regardless of their race, religion, political affiliation, or economical and professional status.

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?
Probably at the beginning but once I became more knowledgeable and passionate about my job, I never felt there were any barriers.

How do you help to empower women or encourage others to pursue leadership roles in their career?
There is nothing we can’t achieve.  If we have the correct mindset, we will be able to conquer every goal.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career?
Always study, learn as much as you can. Work hard. Be many steps ahead.

Is there someone that has empowered you or a strong woman that inspires you (professional or personally)?
A public personality, I would say Michelle Obama.  In the personal and professional field, Tiffany Fraley is a great example of growth, hard work and confidence.  I think she empowered me and many women (and men) in our company.


Karla Lombardi, Controller

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
The day gives us space to reflect on how far we’ve come and discuss how much more work there is to be done. We have to end violence against women – domestically and abroad, in our homes and outside of them. We have to remove bias from education. We have to continue to fight for equal parental leave. More women need a seat at the table.

What barriers have you faced, as a woman, in becoming successful in your field? How did you overcome them?
It was very challenging to be in consulting as a new mom! I had to set boundaries (which weren’t always respected). I missed a promotion because I “lost” three months of experience (while on maternity leave). I overcame it by leaving public accounting to do in-house tax planning for a Fortune 100 company.

How do you help to empower women or encourage others to pursue leadership roles in their career?
I always offer career advice to my female coworkers. I’ve been active in the women’s groups, as well as PRIDE. I mentor anyone who will let me.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career?
Know your worth and negotiate! It’s easy to believe that you’re paid fairly, and it’s uncomfortable to ask for more, but you’ll never get if you don’t ask for it.

Is there someone that has empowered you or a strong woman that inspires you (professional or personally)?
I’ve been fortunate to have worked for several strong women ever since I changed my career to accounting. At a previous company, the VP of Treasury was an amazing mentor who always found time to support me in my career and offered to open doors for me (yet I hesitated to let her?!). There were a lot of incredible female leaders there who noticed that there weren’t enough women in upper management, so they started a women’s group specifically for Finance. It was so empowering to get time with these leaders and connect with them about not just our careers, but life in general. Ever since my first accounting job, where I worked for an extremely intelligent, successful Controller (and a SuperMom), I’ve wanted her job. Last but not least, a major reason I came onboard here at InCommercial was to work for one of the best, Tiffany Fraley!!!







Aloha! Let’s Luau

The InCommercial team escaped the Chicago winter for a much-needed Luau office party! They brought the leis, mai tais, and Hawaiian sunshine to the office. With a variety of appetizers, from upside down pineapple cupcakes to Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders, the team indulged in some yummy dishes. To complement these dishes, a variety of Hawaiian themed beverages were displayed, including the “shark bite” drink and Mikey’s famous mai tai – all topped with little umbrellas and festive garnishes. To tie it all together, leis were happily passed around as the team relaxed, socialized, and listened to island inspired music. What a wonderful way to end a Friday in the office, Aloha!